Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some things old become new again

This is my "new" birdbath! Incase you all havent heard, my daughter Karli and I have moved into a different house. Things being as they are we have been doing a lot of making old things new. This is an old globe or light fixture if you will that was left in our new home. It is so beautiful but so heavy, I am afraid to hang it. So I decided that as big as it is , it would look awesome as a birdbath. Soooooo using my Copic markers ( love my Copics) I colored the flowers and vines on the raised side of the fixture, then used Super Seal over it to preserve it. Then I sealed the hole in the middle with a gasket and bolt. The base, I found at an awesome store I visit when ever I can. I stood alone , so I inquired. The basin had been broken ..... so I was able to purchase for a very small fee. When the grass gets a little greener it well look even better in front of the lilacs.

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Dawn W said...

Awesome idea!! that will look gorgeous in the garden!! Great idea.